• AFSW at a Glance
  • Process Capability of Silicon Products

AFSW at a Glance

AFSW Inc. (AFSW) is an automotive certified IATF 16949 6-inch wafer manufacturing facility, including its highest quality of both Gallium Nitride (GaN) and Silicon.

• Located in Aizu Wakamatsu City, Japan

• Leading edge GaN power device production

• Bipolar, CMOS and BiCMOS digital/analog IC production

• New process technology development capability

• Low cost and high-quality manufacturing



Process Capability of Silicon Products

✓ AFSW has manufacturing experiences of the below technologies for Silicon products. - Limited design information is available for customers to design semiconductor products, but customers can transfer production to AFSW with AFSW’s module process technology.

Quick start of new process technology development is available by AFSW’s experienced and highly trained development resources (module process and integration engineers including CAD engineering, device engineers, technicians, operating staff and maintainers). - Development process technology at the manufacturing fab can bring immediate production.

High manufacturing stability with high Cp/Cpk maintained, monitoring and improvements conducted by production engineers and high yield and low defect density maintained. - Silicon Capacity: > 10,000 6-inch wafers monthly (depend on production mix)