KAGA FEI will appear at CES 2024

KAGA FEI will appear at CES 2024(图1)

KAGA FEI announces that it will exhibit for the first time at the CES 2024, to be held in Las Vegas, USA. At the exhibition booth, we will introduce our new wireless module brand CONTINECT and UI/UX products CANDERA to the United States and other countries. At the same time, we will feature the PicoCELA wireless LAN products to the Smart Home market.

CES 2024

Date  :January. 9 – 12, 2024 9am - 6pm  *Will open at 10am on the first day and close at 4pm on the last day.

Venue  :Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC), Venetian Expo ,  ARIA etc.

Exhibition Map

KAGA FEI will appear at CES 2024(图2)KAGA FEI will appear at CES 2024(图3)

                                                                                                                 Venetian Expo Smart Home Booth #52755


Wireless LAN/Bluetooth® module


The world‘s smallest, ultra-compact Bluetooth®  low energy module by KAGA FEI brings a new era in home automation while conserving energy and granting unparalleled convenience.

UI design tool


Already established in the automotive sector, CGI Studio is now making it possible to create displays for your Smart Home. With a no-fuss interface, take a peek at our adaptable, hardware-agnostic solutions.

Coming soon

KAGA FEI will appear at CES 2024(图5)

Cloud-managed backhaul interconnectivity module


It's a backhaul interconnection module that connects various things in various places, including IoT devices, eliminating the costs and complexities of conventional cabling and wireless controllers. It can also create a stable wireless environment in the living space.

Coming soon

KAGA FEI will appear at CES 2024(图6)


KAGA FEI is your one-stop partner for creating new value.

We provide consistent services while responding quickly to the changing times.As a unique global electronics trading company providing one-stop solutions,we make changes that maximize the value of your products with uncompromisingreliability.KAGA FEI is now more capable than ever before and we stand ready to surpassyour expectations.


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